Future Pop Revolution Debuts Tuesday


Future Pop Revolution is a body of work that follows Joey Broyles as he explores themes of love, sex, gay culture, and revolution. The lyrics are provocative, the music is inspiring, and you—the listener— will be changed, perhaps even pushed to start your own revolution within yourself. No matter if you were born on this planet or another, the universal theme is to be yourself in the face of adversity and to challenge the human race to strive for a better tomorrow.

Future Pop Revolution will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and CD on Tuesday, September 2, 2014 featuring “Burn the Money,” “Boys Don’t Do That,” “Copy Cut Paste,” “Battleground” featuring Lyndsay Evans, “Andy Warhol,” “Muscle + Rod,” and “R.Y.A.N.”


Live near or in the Madison, WI area? Come to the official CD release party for free! Click the photo for event details.

Joey Broyles – Burn the Money (Official) Music Video

And finally after working very hard for the last several months we have for your viewing pleasure “Burn the Money.”

Directed by Robin Lin
Written by Joey Broyles


Joey Broyles – Burn the Money – Official Trailer HD

It’s almost here kids! #burnthemoneyofficialtrailer Music video is out on TAX DAY 2014!

The MAMA Finalist Party 2014

The MAMA (Madison Area Music Awards) Finalist Party 2014 is coming up! First of all I want to say thank you to all the Superstars for voting for me! Let’s cross our fingers and hope that out of those 11 nominations we scored a few for the final round!

How does the next round work?

Well from my understanding once the nominations are announced there is the final round of voting that begins April 2nd and ends May 16th! Everyone who has already registered and paid their $5 may vote again, NO CHARGE! :) Similar to the MTV VMAs you must vote if you want me to win. Don’t worry I’ll be making the announcement with a little video to give you all the details. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter or check back here for all the details!

How does Battle of the Bands work?

On April 1 at the MAMA Finalist party they will also announce the finalists for the Battle of the Bands competition. The competition is happening at Inferno Nightclub on Friday, April 4th. Doors open at 8 PM. Show starts at 9 PM. 8 bands will compete and one band will walk out the winner. If we win, we open the MAMAs in June! CRAZY!

Talk to you soon,

Joey Broyles




Support A Good Cause & Help Joey Broyles Win at the MAMAs: For Your Consideration Video

Dear Superstars,

NEWS: What you may not know is that I am up for several Madison Area Music Awards (think Grammys). This is a big deal for someone who until 2013 did not win any awards, ever. I have been on a long journey getting to you, my fans. I cherish you all like crazy and love you however far or near you are. Your support this last year has been amazing! And as we grow in numbers it is up to you to make the difference in the world. You know that I demand a revolution where pop music has substance again. And you know that I demand a revolution where a gay boy can sing about being gay on TOP 40 radio. These little moments on the road will help us get there. You can help kids get instruments in their hands and help get me to the next round by registering ($5) and voting here: http://bit.ly/NaEDKx

Very soon I am beginning the next steps in Future Pop Revolution we have 4 more songs to record for the album and we are editing Burn the Money the short film. I am also in rehearsals preparing for even more popstastic shows which will lead us into a little tour! So exciting!

Check out the video because it’s fun to see what we’ve done so far. It’s insane to think that a year ago this had all just begun!

Joey Broyles

Categories Joey is nominated in:

1. Artist of the Year

2. Break Through Artist of the Year (if you and all your friends and family vote and I win I would open the MAMAs this year!)

3. Alternative Song (2 Songs Nominated)

4. Electronic Song (2 Songs Nominated)

5. Pop/R&B Song (2 Songs Nominated)

6. Pop/R&B Album

7. Pop/R&B Performer

8. New Artist

9. Male Vocalist

10. Video of the Year

11. Electronic Album